Brenda Wirth

I grew up in a household of artists--my mother painted, my father sang opera, and my older sister and brother played guitar, drew, and painted. My family gave me the artistic support I needed: plenty of art supplies and lots of unstructured time. We all enjoyed the outdoors, and to us, a “family vacation” meant going to the forest or a nearby park. To combine my love of nature and art, I liked to draw perched in a treehouse we built. 

I’ve always loved observing the natural world around me—trees, plants, sky, water, and rocks—and responding to it with my art. I studied art in college and grad school (University of Louisville, Kansas City Art Institute, Indiana University), where I focused on painting, but also spent time drawing, printmaking, and taking photographs.

As a professional artist, I show my work in local and regional galleries, cooperatives, and corporate collections. As an art teacher and community artist, I encourage everyone to create art that is meaningful to them, and to use a wide variety of materials and art-making techniques to express themselves. I’m currently the preschool art specialist  at Highland Presbyterian Weekday School.

My latest work--colorful oil paintings on canvas, and pastel drawings over watercolor--features urban trees and backyard vines and flowers.