My photographic work like my paintings are derived from the natural world.  Often the work is a combination of photos through cut-outs or overlays, and sometimes include photos of my paintings as part of the layers. I often print the photos on aluminum or masonite. The variety in nature is inspiring as are the textile styles from around the world, Hawaiian whole cloth quilts and Indonesian and African batik. A series of photographs I call “Kaleidoscapes" makes reference to the optical instrument that uses mirrors to produce changing symmetrical patterns. Looking carefully at the beautiful forms that can be seen in nature, I manipulate my digital photographs of trees, flowers, vines, and other plant forms to reveal an imaginal parallel universe. Like Rorschach’s inkblots, this series of dye sublimation prints invites one to form personal interpretations—both real and fictional, that reflect imagination and memory.

Brenda Wirth